Schedule (March 19th)

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful: Angular Material

Melissa Houghton Senior Developer at Telstra Purple

9:00am | read more

(Ec)static Commerce πŸ’ΈπŸ“ jam-packed JAMstack

Thorsten Schaeff Developer Advocate at Stripe

9:30am | read more

Svelte: not just another framework

Anna Lezhikova Full Stack Developer

10:00am | read more

Improving Dev Experience: Using different feedback mechanisms to drive product vision

Stephanie Stimac Program Manager and Designer Developer for Microsoft Edge Developer Experiences

10:50am | read more

Design Systems - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Jackie Ellis Frontend Developer at Shopify

11:20am | read more

Bye Bye C# hello Typescript

Vanessa Thornton Tech lead at Xero

11:50am | read more

An Introduction to GraphQL

Nigel Sampson Software Developer at Pushpay

1:10pm | read more

Building a sustainable codebase with functional programming

Carolina Pascale Campos Software Engineer at Nubank

1:40pm | read more

Full Stack Data Engineering. Hype or Fact?

Will Velida Software Engineer at ASB Bank

2:10pm | read more

In conversation with a browser

Phil Nash Developer Evangelist for Twilio

2:40pm | read more

Serverless-side rendering: Lightning fast apps at scale

Sam Chalela Lead consultant at ThoughtWorks

3:30pm | read more

Build you a Lens in TypeScript

Hackle Wayne Development Chapter Lead at Trade Me

4:00pm | read more

Efficient Component Storytelling with Storybook

Try Ajitiono Front-end Engineer at

4:30pm | read more