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Alix Klingenberg

Alix Klingenberg Tech Lead at Sharesies

Alix is a tech lead at Sharesies, a Wellington-based fintech startup with a growing international customer base. Her career has been in NZ-based product tech companies, across Orion Health, Pushpay and Auror, and as a co-founder of Multitudes, a company finding culture insights for other tech companies. She has also been an active force in the NZ developer community, as a co-organiser for GDG and C# Meetups in Auckland, co-running DevFest, organising and participating in various Women and Nonbinary People in Tech initiatives, and speaking at conferences. She’s currently focused on Cloud-native and C# development as well as leading the Chase Remarkable team. In her spare time, she tweets bad tech jokes, runs a Tech Management book club and takes photos of her pugs.

Talk: Getting To Good: A Guided Journey of Services

You took all the right advice on scaling your tech as your company grew, now you have some lovely services, a bunch of teams delivering excellent value, and more customers than you can shake a stick at - what’s next?

This talk is a tour of the decision points a company will hit as they grow and scale out their tech offering. We’ll talk through what good looks like across several aspects - technical, user-facing, and organisational, and what some of the current popular wisdom is around these things, as well as practical experience across several post-startup stage companies.

The intended audience for this talk is developers and managers with growing tech offerings, whether in a services or product environment. It’ll also be interesting to those who want to understand more about what the challenges look like for a company that’s coming out of it’s rapid startup growth phase and is reaching for stability and scale.