Anna Lezhikova

Anna Lezhikova Full Stack Developer - NZ

Anna is a full stack developer from Wellington. She worked with a wide range of technologies in various big and small companies and found that the key factor in everything was humans, not machines. She loves to make big things by combining small parts. In free time she raises kids, plants and communities.

Talk: All about cost: a multiverse of development processes

Time and money are the most known metrics when it comes to calculating the cost of tech development. Or literally anything humans do. But let's imagine that the time/money universe is not two-dimensional. What if we have more angles to look from? What will it change? Can we develop better, faster, cheaper? I might not have all the answers, but I will show you two more dimensions you can use while planning your development processes. One will show you a bigger picture of our digital actions. And another hopefully will give you insights that will make you and your teammates happier developers. And we all know that happier developers produce less bugs.