Nigel Sampson

Nigel Sampson Software Developer at Pushpay

Nigel Sampson has been a developer since 2003, building everything from cloud based web applications, microservices and native mobile apps. Currently based at Pushpay, a payments and engagement company in Auckland, New Zealand he across both monoliths and microservices and the interactions in between.

He's an active open source participant maintaining and contributing to a number of projects and blogs at about anything he's currently learning.

Ben Warbrooke Staff Engineer at Pushpay

Ben has a keen interest in web development and all things front end. Based at Pushpay Holdings Ltd. he is a core contributor to their Component Library and loves working with Typescript to design strong component APIs. He works closely with both engineering and design teams and commonly finds himself as the bridge between the two worlds. When not working, Ben has his hands full with twin toddlers.

Talk: Dynamic Admin Interfaces with React and GraphQL

Administrative interfaces never get the most attention compared to the rest of the application, they're often built not as a rich SPA but a simpler model in order to allow more developers to add functionality without requiring a heavy front end skill set. What if we could let all developers build API's, define specific operations and have a rich user interface as an output?

In this talk we'll examine an approach to building dynamic user interfaces from an existing React component library and a GraphQL API Gateway. From the SPA we'll discuss parsing an GraphQL AST and melding it with React components using compile time code generation. At the API level we'll discuss concerns such as security & operability.