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Phoenix Zerin

Phoenix Zerin IT Consultant - Engineering Lead

"I believe that digital technology should be New Zealand's #1 export, and it is my personal mission to help make this happen."

Phoenix has been working in digital tech for nearly 2 decades, in companies of all sizes in different countries, including 5 years as a digital nomad across South America and Asia.

He loves to focus on the "meta challenge": creating value for value creators; some of his favourite development work has been libraries and frameworks to help other developers build amazing software, and he regularly mentors developers of all skill levels.

Also, he really likes cat emojis. A lot. You've been warned 😸

Talk: Career Development Anti-Patterns

Amazing careers don't just happen — they require lots of planning, adaptation, and coaching. The good news is, career development is a skill that can be learnt, and the best way to start is by learning how to avoid these 4 mistakes that nearly every developer makes at some point during their career.

In this talk, we'll cover 4 anti-patterns, and what to do instead:

- Career Development by Coincidence
- Title Hunting
- Flying Solo
- Comfort Zoning

Note: this talk is interactive — mobile device use highly encouraged 😺