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Shenghan (Thor) Chen

Shenghan (Thor) Chen Senior Software Engineer at Objective Corporation

Thor is a passionate developer who likes solving problems and sharing knowledge across multiple fields including the web frontend, mobile and backend development. Thor started his journey on web technologies 18 years ago, and he is always trying to find better solutions for problems that are more understandable, maintainable and scalable.

Talk: Less Boilerplate and More Static Typing with Asynchronous Redux Actions

I use Redux and Thunk in my day-to-day work, and they do a really great job to help manage the states of my application. However, I found tons of boilerplate code during my journey, and the work of adding static types is not trivial.

I have tried several ways to standardise the common process, and finally landed on createAsyncThunk -- a core API of Redux Toolkit. In this talk, I will walk you through (almost) everything you need to know to enjoy asynchronous redux actions with redux-thunk.